roachie.jpg (32876 bytes)Boom Pineapple Wine Hit maker, Cacique award nominee and dynamic songwriter/ vocalist "Roachie "made a recent stop into Mackeymedia to visit his old time friend Dave Mackey. During this visit Roachie played a sample of some of the tunes off his new album, recorded in London England. To say the least, Roachie has got what it takes to make major international waves. His present single "Boom Pineapple Wine" accompanied by his humorous world class music video has taken the Bahamas by storm. The hand signals that Roachie is flashing are of the 2 major political parties of the Bahamas. Jan. 2004.

Prolific Bahamian recording artist Willie Love has released a new album entitled Jus' Speakin' my mind". Targeting social issues this time around, Willie is stirring it up and makin' waves as a champion of the downtrodden. This album also contains some of Willie Love's earlier compositions. Click play button below to listen to Willie Love .


T- Connection reunion concerts: 20 years after disbanding "the boys" got together again March 21st & 22nd 2003 to perform 2 sold out shows in Nassau, Bahamas and Freeport, Grand Bahamas. These shows were the first time that ALL members of the band performed on the same stage. Click here to view the Nassau photo gallery. Click here to view the Freeport Gallery.

David Johnson Deputy Director General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism provides a forecast for the tourism sector on Grand Bahama at the Grand Bahama Business Outlook March 7, 2006.  Mr. Johnson also elaborates on Grand Bahama's post hurricanes Francis, Jeanne and Wilma performance. A major point brought out by Mr. Johnson in his dissertation is that "Grand Bahama Island has one of the highest airport turn around costs within our region and when compared to Nassau, our cost is some $34 per person more. What this means is that on a 50 seat aircraft with average loads of 75%, GBI cost $1275 more to turn around the Dash 8-500. On a jet with 125 seat capacity with a 75% load factor, GBI costs $3,187 more per turn or well over $1 million per year if they operated a daily service. " He further states: " unless Grand Bahama begins to offer competitive airport turn around costs, we will be hard pressed to stay in business, much less pursue any growth strategies." To view the entire text of Mr. Johnson's concise compendium on Grand Bahama click here or on his image.