Freeport - Saturday February 26th, 2005
This weekend Grand Bahamians had the opportunity to preview a world class art exhibition.  Local artists Chantal Bethel and Claudette Dean presented TIMELINE, Two Women, Two Journeys, One Exhibition. 
Bahamian Tings was the venue for this exciting collection where art collectors, working artists, student’s artist and the interested general public came out in record numbers to view, admire and buy great local art.
TIMELINE detailed two women’s journey in large, colourful and very inspirational works of art.  A superb audio visual presentation of Bethel’s and Dean’s story, produced by Mackie Media, was the introduction to the exhibition.  It served as a meaningful guide when viewing the over 30 exquisite works of art.
Chantal Bethel says of her journey into art "My creative spirit, once asleep, wanted to talk about the true beauty that exists at the heart of life.  As I stepped into my reality, becoming a painter seemed to have happened to me as a natural response to my world: the wish to convey my emotions.  Art became a compulsive obsession that I just
could not break.  In my journey, painting sustains me like air, bread and
Claudette Dean’s path has been one of following her passion.  Art making for her is not only a passion but a need - it is who she is.  She feels she is at her best when she is allowing the creative spirit to move through her allowing the voice at the core of her being to be heard through her paintings.  Art, she explains, is transformational - not only for the viewer but the artist as well.
Commissioned works of Bethel and Dean already hang in the homes of Grand Bahamians as well as other places in the world but it was obvious that Grand Bahamians appreciated having the opportunity to see the latest works from these two very talented artists. 
TIMELINE was a one day preview before the collection heads to the Central Bank in Nassau.  

Written by: Del Foxton